Overview of KurdRawm English


Kurdrawm operates as a cultural establishment that strives for influencing and molding cultural development and enhancing the capacities of the youth in various intellectual aspects. Founded in September 2020, Kurdrawm is licensed by the Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate; its registration number is 24. Our centre has a sophisticated digital media platform to release exclusive articles and activities that primarily aims to promote cultural understanding, coexistence, and social cohesion. Furthermore, Kurdrawm conducts regular conferences, seminars, and training to achieve the objectives that underpin the foundational structure of its operation. Also, since its establishment, Kurdrawm has published the following 21 books in hard copies.

Published Books and Cultural Activities:

Editorial Board:

Ramyar Mahmood – Editor-in-Chief
Mohammed Kamaran – Executive Editor
Ramyar Mohammed – Senior Editor

Editorial board members:

D.Haven kamal shah
Bayn Salman
Edris Abdi
Kawa Jalal
Saman Ali Hamid
Goran Rasul
Kurdo Shaban
Choli Fayaq
Soran azad
D.Ali Zalmi
Kamo Araz
Ara Hemn