By Ramyar Mahmood*

Translation by David Shook and Peshtiwan Kamal

I am a soldier,

But I am not a combatant.

They may not want us to laugh any longer,

They want us to be disheartened and abandon life…

I know everyone wants to turn us to hatred,

They want us to be them.

The seas are a plain,

We are better off without them,

The mountains taught us to live vertically;

Which allowed us, for so long, to be unaware of the horizontal invasions down on earth…

I know:

When humans look within, bastards and pimps will deceive them.

It’s not important to what extent the world has been renewed,

It’s important that I still smell like the land and the soil.

If I say something, you might laugh!

For life’s hard winter we cook trxena*

It is more difficult to cook than to make an atomic bomb.

Not to mention, more ethical

I am a soldier, I know for Kurds, the seasons will be left behind in the depth of the sky;

The days,

The nights and

The years

Imprison themselves.

Nothingness will succeed nothingness.

You might grow weary and feel trapped in this place,

The loss of so much life looms large over history,

But the world needs a heart bored with holes,

I played that flute.


* trxena: is a kind of Kurdish traditional food.

*Ramyar Mahmood is a writer and poet, he has published seven poetry collections.